Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weather Message Updates 9/24/13

The updates won't change much on our end. Here are the official notes for Weather Message Beta 4.0 Beta 7:
1.   Now sends the correct emwin ftp user name and password when using ftp ingest at program startup.
1.   Corrected an issue that caused an argument out of range exception when resending a graphic email.
1.   The Request List form will now open the main form if the request list tab is selected and the main form is minimized.
1.   Changed the WX-14 serial processing routine to address a possible error condition.

Aside from those changes, the following changes have been made within the software that will be noticeable to users:
REMOVED All SPC products, such as Mesoscale Discussions, Watches, and Outlook updates. This is to stop cluttering of messages non-related to Alabama weather.
ADDED Area Forecast Discussions from BMX and HUN. 
ADDED Zone Forecast Products from BMX and HUN.